One-Week Sessions

9:00a - 12:00p Grades 3-5 

1:00p - 4:00p Grades 6-8

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Our Teaching Philosophy

In our small workshops, younger learners (Grades 3-5) explore the logical structures of programming and gradually move from drag-and-drop in Scratch to basic coding in Python. More mature coders (Grades 6-8) learn the deeper fundamentals of programming using our proprietary teaching curriculum and start their coding practice with Python. For all learners, this core knowledge is then translated into fun and interactive hands-on coding projects with the highly engaging Marty the Robot (Grades 3-5) and Misty the Robot (Grades 6-8).

Grades 3-5

Marty the Robot is a real humanoid robot designed to teach kids about computer programming. Marty can walk, turn, dance, kick a football, and engage with young aspiring coders in ways that remote controlled cars and toys cannot.  S/he is a popular teaching tool in the UK and we've brought her to the US to share one of the most likable robots we've encountered! Campers start with Scratch and draw upon the same conceptual foundations to transition into PythonNo previous coding experience is required.

Maximum campers per teacher: 4.

Grades 6-8

Misty the Robot is a developer robot designed for all levels of programmers who want to test their ideas on a real-world AI platform. Misty has a high-resolution camera and face recognition capabilities with microphones and sensors to track positional information and the sounds of her environment. Misty also has an engaging personality!  She can express fear, love, goofiness, and control her arms and legs to wave, point, and dance. Campers learn core programming skills using Python and gradually develop more elaborate AI programs for Misty.  Campers also advance through four Python programming levels and practice exercises and can return for a customized teaching program in additional weeks of summer camp if desired. Previous coding experience is helpful but not required.  

Maximum campers per teacher: 4.



Marty the Robot

Grades 3-5

Monday - Friday 

9:00a - 12:00p


No spaces available



Misty the Robot

Grades 6-8

Monday - Friday 

1:00p - 4:00p


No spaces available



Make Quantum Leaps in Small Sequential Steps


June 28 - August 13, 2021

Monday - Friday


4 Water Street, Arlington

[Off Massachusetts Avenue, across from Robbins Library]

Morning Camp, Grades 3-5

Drop off:  8:30a - 9:00a

​Programs:  9:00a - 12:00p

Pick up:  12:00p - 12:30p

Afternoon Camp, Grades 6-8

Drop off:  12:30p - 1:00p

​Programs:  1:00p - 4:00p

Pick up:  4:00p - 4:30p

CODEMAKERS teachers make learning the principles of coding engaging, fun, and creative: there's no telling what robots will do!  Small group teaching with a maximum of 4 campers per teacher.  Snacks and screen-free games take place in the garden, weather permitting.

Extra Savings

Bring a friend and you both save!  In addition to sibling discounts, we offer best buddy packages for friends who want to enroll in camp together.  


All local and state health and safety protocols, including requisite masks and social distancing, are enforced at all times.


Meet Our Instructors

Committed to our Campers

Matthew Plastrik

My name is Matt Plastrik and I am a junior studying Computer Science at Boston University. I am particularly interested in computational complexity theory. Before I moved to Boston for school, I lived in NY on Long Island. Outside of my studies, I write and produce music. I believe that the process of learning any skill from playing an instrument to programming requires patience, dedication, and above all else practice! It all comes together with time. I look forward to working with young people interested in Computer Science and Engineering and hope to help inspire them to pursue that which interests them.

Yasmin Almousa

My name is Yasmin Almousa and I am currently a senior studying computer engineering at Boston University. I grew up in Kuwait and moved to Boston 4 years ago to pursue my studies and immerse myself into the ever developing world of technology. Learning to code is more than a skill: it builds logical understanding and patience. Once you grasp the concepts behind programming, you can dive into the fun world of code writing and debugging! I have tutored kids in many different skills: mathematics, chess, rugby and cooking. Overall, being able to teach someone a new mastery that they can take and build for the rest of their lives is an honor and I am so excited to be working with CODEMAKERS!


All About Us

CODEMAKERS offers summer coding and robotics camps to kids and teens in the Boston area. Campers learn the core principles and practices of programming and apply this knowledge to their interactions with highly engaging humanoid robots.  Summer camp sessions are taught in small groups of four by enthusiastic computer science and engineering college students. Campers learn in a relaxed and fun environment and gradually build the technical skills needed to develop their own robotics and AI projects. Locally owned and operated, CODEMAKERS was founded in 2017 by educator Rachelle Reinhart, PhD.

Image by Alex Knight

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We do not offer year-round workshops, only weekday summer camp. During the academic year, the best way to reach us is via phone or email.


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