Grades 6-8

Python & Robotics

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Grades 6-8

Misty the Robot (videos below) is a developer robot designed for programmers of all levels who want to test their ideas on a real-world AI platform. Misty has a high-resolution camera and face recognition capabilities with microphones and sensors to track positional information and the sounds of her environment. Misty also has an engaging personality!  She can express fear, love, goofiness, and control her arms and legs to wave, point, and dance. Campers learn core programming skills using Python and gradually develop more elaborate AI programs for Misty.  Campers also advance through four Python programming levels and practice exercises at their own pace, and can return for additional weeks of summer camp if desired.* 

Previous coding experience is helpful but not required.

View our Summer Camp Program here: CODEMAKERS Teaching Curriculum Grades 6-8

*Returning campers are given a customized curriculum based on their progress in prior workshops.

$750 One week / Early bird discount 10%

Sibling and best buddy discounts applied at checkout. 

Campers should bring lunch, two nut-free snacks, and water or juice.

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Summer 2021

Misty in conversation with the camper who programmed her.  Nice work! 

Misty the Robot

Misty the Robot

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